Hot Glass Demos at the Museum

At the Museum

Hot Glass Demos are live, narrated glassblowing demonstrations, offered all day, every day. All demos are included in the cost of admission. Allow 30 minutes per demonstration; the duration of special demos may vary. See today's schedule.

You’ll see master glassmakers take glowing gobs of molten glass on the end of a pipe and skillfully shape them into vases, bowls, or sculptures. A narrator talks through the process, and cameras inside the 2300°F furnace ensure you don’t miss a single step along the way. Watching the gaffers (another term for master glassmakers) at Hot Glass Demos will give you a unique appreciation for the skill and artistry behind the objects you’ll encounter in the Museum’s galleries. The glassblowing technique was discovered by the Romans around 50 B.C. and many of the techniques and tools used by glassmakers today have been used for thousands of years.

The demonstrators on the Hot Glass Demo are some of the best glassmakers around. They love to share their fascination with this mysterious and mesmerizing material, demonstrate their artistry and answer your questions.

See Special Demos

Tiffany's Palette
See how Tiffany’s creativity and innovative methods continue to inspire artistic minds today as our Hot Glass Demo team presents "Tiffany's Palette.” These demonstrations in the Amphitheater Hot Shop will look closely at blown glass and flat glass, both of which were used by Tiffany as production methods for glass in mosaics. Gaffers will create intricate patterns in glass, called murrine, and then demonstrate what happens as the glass is blown into cylinders and then flattened. Our gaffers will test their skills and creativity during each not-to-be-missed “Tiffany's Palette” demonstration.

Daily at 4:15 pm through September 4. See Today's Schedule and look for the starred (*) Tiffany's Palette shows on the Hot Glass Demo schedule.

Beyond the Bench
Tour the Museum with an expert glassmaker to closely examine one of their favorite works in our collection and gain special insight into the history and creation of that piece. Then, watch as our Hot Glass team recreates the object in a live demo on the Courtyard Stage. Tours begin in the Admissions Lobby.

Daily at 1:30 pm through September 4. See Today's Schedule and look for Beyond the Bench under Glassblowing Shows.

Don't Try This at Home
Have you ever wondered what NOT to do with glass? If so, this demonstration is for you! Our expert gaffers will reveal the versatility of the material through a series of mini-demos. Meet in the Admissions Lobby.

Daily at 3:30 pm through September 4. See Today's Schedule and look for Don't Try This at Home under Glassblowing Shows.

Learn About the Master Glassblowers

Steve Gibbs
Steve Gibbs
Senior Manager, Hot Glass Programs

Steve Gibbs always dreamed of becoming a glassblower. At 14, he apprenticed at his uncle's stained glass company. He went on to manage the business while in college, and eventually started his own stained glass business. Gibbs worked at Steuben...

Carl Siglin
Carl Siglin
Hot Glass Cruise Ship Team Leader

Carl Siglin began blowing glass in 2003 when he was hired as a technician at The Studio. Prior to his work in glass, Siglin, who attended Syracuse University's School of Architecture, ran his own independent contracting company for 15 years. In...

Chris Rochelle
Chris Rochelle
Hot Glass Projects / Cruise Ship Team Leader

Chris Rochelle’s path as a glass artist traces back to Hartwick College, where he studied sculpture and painting. The school’s small glass program gave him his first taste of working with this unique medium. Upon graduation, he apprenticed in a...

Lewis Olson
Lewis Olson
Hot Glass Show Technical Team Leader

Lewis Olson began working with glass in his native New Zealand in the 1970s. In the 1980s his passion for glass took him to Australia, Africa, Canada, England, Scandinavia and Italy, where he worked in glass studios and factories. A storyteller...