Make Your Own Glass

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Tiffany Inspired Fusing

May 20 to January 8
Age Restriction: 
age 4 and up

This Make Your Own Glass experience is open to ages 4 and up. Layering pieces of flat glass and heating them in a kiln oven is called fusing. Museum staff will provide glass in a variety of colors and shapes for you to arrange in your design. You’ll start by creating a design using colored frit (small chunks of glass), thin glass strings, and larger glass pieces. You can create an original design for your Tiffany-inspired plate or you can choose from a provided Tiffany-inspired template. Using non-toxic glue, you’ll secure your design in place, and our professionals will heat the piece in the kiln oven overnight. The glass fuses together to create a single piece of glass.

Pieces must cool overnight and can be picked up the next day, or shipped for an additional fee within the U.S. and Canada.

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